James Fyfe (supervisor):

Andreas is an excellent active listener. He is compassionate, genuine, professional and puts people at ease. Through his counsel, I have felt empowered to look deep into my feelings and express them in a more functional way. He has tremendous insight, which he communicates in a collaborative exploration. His questions get me thinking and encourage me to look at things from a new perspective. Andreas is calm, balanced and thoughtful. I believe anybody would benefit from exploring important life questions with him.

Jordan Mang Wooley (farmer, writer and musician):

When I first met Andreas at a personal growth group in Vancouver, I was immediately impressed with his freedom to communicate with authenticity and vulnerability. Even as a newcomer to the group, Andreas displayed tremendous confidence in what he wanted, while simultaneously making space for others to have their unique experience. I soon after sought Andreas as a counsellor and I continue to be impressed with his interdisciplinary approach both towards how he lives his life, and in how he offers mentorship. I believe that his unique life experience, combined with his ongoing journey towards deepening authenticity, honesty, passion and vitality puts him in a position to guide others in finding their own path.

Andreas is grounded in his body, in his mind, and in his heart. He gives great feedback on my body language and my self-expression, encouraging me to articulate what I want. This holistic feedback begins to resonate and bring results if one is willing to work with it in one´s own life. I value Andreas as a mentor and can give him the highest recommendation for anyone seeking their own version of an authentic, holistic, vital and unique life. 

Peter (engineer):

A big part of therapy for me is being understood. I have seen multiple Ph.D. qualified therapists in the last few years, and my sessions with Andreas had something special about them. He is able to listen fully and repeat back to me what I was getting at, which helps open up space to examine what is really going on. He provided a supportive and clear environment that helped me sort through some larger life choices I was facing, and I’m grateful for his help.

Stephanie Wademan (student):

I have found Andreas to be an incredibly gentle, insightful and attentive counsellor. I can reveal my honest thoughts and feelings to him and know that he will receive them with acceptance and curiosity. Andreas has the capacity to listen intently and is able to articulate back to me my experiences in a way that resonates even more than my own words. At the end of each session I leave with a deeper understanding of who I am and an excitement about being me and being more authentic in my life. Working with Andreas has been a wonderfully positive and enriching experience and I absolutely recommend him to anyone considering counselling.

Terri Dewar (wellness counsellor):

As both a client and a colleague of Andreas Aubert, I can honestly say he is one of the most skillful, professional and effective counsellors I have had the honor of working with. He is a deep deep listener who seems to understand my issues more than myself, and can offer up tools, empathy and challenge with ease and understanding. I thoroughly recommend Andreas for any of your counselling needs.

Testimonials From Mentors

Christian V. Scheel (psychotherapist, couples therapist and founder of the psychotherapy-clinic Majorstua Terapifellesskap in Oslo, Norway):

It has been a great pleasure for me to be one of Andreas's mentors, counsellors and supervisors since 2011 to present. Andreas is a very committed student and explorer of the psyche in its many facets. He is deeply dedicated to his work, and an enthusiastic seeker for truthfulness and depth around the big questions in life. His studies and his own life path makes him a solid counsellor, with a thorough and varied background – both theoretically and experientially. I highly recommend him for those who want to explore the deeper possibilities inherent in themselves and in life.

Eirik Balavoine (therapist & meditation teacher, individually and in groups and retreats):

I have had the priviledge to work with Andreas Aubert over time, both as therapist/counsellor in his personal process and as mentor in his endeavours to become a professional in the field. His training has been equally theoretical and experiential.

I've found in Andreas:

  • A neverending curiosity and eagerness to learn
  • A solid commitment and courage in his own growth process

Andreas has achieved:

  • A good understanding of the psyche and the connection between mind and body and breath
  • A strong intuitive sense of what is authentic and what is not
  • A high degree of perceptivity for subtle nuances in communication and in psychological dynamics
  • A good balance between strength, clarity and softness in his personality
  • Fearlessness when cutting through is necessary. He has learned to do this with strength, clarity, softness and humour

I am not at all hesitant in advising people seeking guidance and counselling to contact him. His interest in his profession is beyond profession. It is at the core of his life. His explorations are ongoing. 

As his specialities I would highlight: creativity, realizing dreams, communication, relationships and sexuality. He has had a stable practice of yoga and meditation for many years, which helps him achieve a level of presence and focus essential for a truly effective counsellor.

Rutherford Maule (life and intimacy coach, emphasizing a body-focused, intuitive and experiential process):

From the very first time I met Andreas, his hunger to evolve immediately made a strong impression on me. Since January of 2014 I have assisted Andreas as a life coach and mentor. Andreas is driven primarily by one thing: His pursuit for free and deeply authentic living. I am humbled by his empathetic nature and have no doubt that this, combined with his acute ability to listen and selfless pursuit to serve, will immensely benefit those who are privileged to receive counselling and mentoring from him.

Sessions are offered in Oslo, Norway, and via Skype. For individuals and couples.


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