Essential advice offered by a good mentor can enable us to more effectively navigate challenging practical and psychological territories.

The essence of counselling is to find your individual path. The essence of mentoring is a more specific dialogue around particular situations you are facing, and involves receiving practical advice. It is similar to coaching, but with stronger emphasis on advice and teaching. Mentoring arises as an effective, new way of relating with a counsellor with longer term clients, when there has been established a deep ongoing knowing of the client's life and processes. This will give me as a counsellor the ability to teach and guide while the situation is hot.


The advice is based on a deep knowledge of you and your unique situation as much as on the counsellors training and real life experience. This kind of practical dialogue is equally experiental and theoretical. I have myself received extensive counselling and mentoring from a number of therapists and counsellors. I have found tremendous value in speaking with someone who from their own life has an intimate knowing of the territory I am traversing.


Sometimes we face life situations where the learning curve is very steep and where the most effective or appropriate attitude and behavior has not been shown to us by our role models. In such situations, the insights and practical advice offered by a good mentor has enabled me to navigate some really challenging practical and psychological territories. This prevented me from simply giving up or playing out old, dysfunctional patterns. Later on, when things had settled, my mentors assisted me in uncovering and integrating my own insights and learnings from what I had been through. Having experienced the benefits of mentoring in my own life greatly informs my own style and attitude as a mentor.

Looking at your life together with an experienced person opens new perspectives and possibilities that lie dormant in you.

Sessions are offered in Oslo, Norway, and via Skype.
For individuals and couples.

Schedule an initial session of 75 minutes at 50% off, to see if my method and our personal chemistry is conducive for what you seek.