Andreas Aubert

Formal Professional Training:

Professional Counsellor Diploma (2015-2017) from Rhodes Wellness College, Vancouver, Canada. Includes training as a life coach, accredited by International Coach Federation.

Associated Training:

Eirik Balavoine (psychotherapist and meditation teacher), training individually and in groups (2007-present):

  • A solid framework for understanding the psyche
  • Meditation, communication, and interpersonal skills
  • Balavoine is founding director of a school training psychotherapists in France and a variety of theme-based personal growth seminars in Norway.

Statement from Eirik Balavoine on the framework of the training I have received from him:

All human beings carry in potential form the knowledge necessary to live a joyful, successful, and unique life. A good counsellor has the necessary skills to unravel and guide, advise, and train people towards making that innate knowledge operational.

Counselling other people demands:

  • Extensive, long-term multi-faceted work on own life and psyche
  • Respect and love of human beings
  • Awareness and an ability to focus
  • A capacity for non-judgemental, neutral listening
  • Ease
  • Theoretical and experiential knowledge of how the psyche operates
  • Efficient set of skills
  • The capacity to cut through when necessary
  • Awareness of the fact that a counsellor has never finished learning

Eirik Balavoine

Practicing as a Therapist & Meditation teacher, individually and in groups and retreats
As individual therapist: 36 years (ca. 30,000 hours)
Groups and retreats (ongoing since 1983):
Director and co-founder of Ecole-Etre – a 5-year program training students to become a Professional Transpersonal Therapist, which has run ongoing for 15 years
Men's training: 10 years
International trainings: Norway, France, Venezuela, Morocco, Bhutan
Meditation practice: 40 years
Longest silent retreat: 6 months

Enhetsterapi Mestringsmedisin (Unified Therapy) (2018–2021) with physician Audun Myskja

The training included the following areas:

  • Structured talk-therapy in accordance with depth-psychological principles
  • Trauma-techniques
  • Ethics in practice, person-centered approach
  • Therapeutic use of conscious breathing: facilitation, immersion, and setting a daily practice

Cultivating Emotional Balance Teacher Training (2011), led by:

  • B. Alan Wallace, Ph.D. - President and founder of the Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies (California).
  • Paul Ekman, Ph.D. - Author of Emotions Revealed and a pioneer in the study of emotions and their relation to facial expressions.
  • Eve Ekman, Ph.D. - Researcher and lecturer, focusing on the areas of Meaning, Empathy, and Emotional Awareness.

+ A two-month meditation retreat in 2012, led by B. Alan Wallace, Ph.D.

Supervision and Mentoring

My own journey towards more authenticity and fulfillment has been influential for how I work with people. Mentoring and supervision from highly skilled psychotherapists and counsellors has been an integral part of this journey. I receive regular mentoring for myself, as well as supervision for my counselling work.

  • Personal and professional counselling (2018-) by physician Audun Myskja, the creator of Enhetsterapi (Unified Therapy).
  • Counselling/Psychotherapy, Mentoring and Supervision (2011-present) by Christian V. Scheel, counsellor/psychotherapist, couples therapist, facilitator of personal growth seminars and founder of the psychotherapy-clinic Majorstua Terapifellesskap in Oslo, Norway.
  • Extensive Counselling/Psychotherapy, Mentoring and Supervision (2007-present) by Eirik Balavoine, psychotherapist, meditation teacher and facilitator of personal growth seminars. I get regular supervision of my counselling practice from him.

Other Types of Related Training

  • Osho Therapist Training (2008-2009), at Osho International Meditation Resort, India.
  • Additionally, I have participated in various psychotherapeutic groups worldwide, and have received individual sessions from a number of different therapists and teachers, working within a wide range of modalities.
  • I am also a practicing journalist, writer, and ghostwriter.

The purpose of counselling is to discover how to live more authentically who you already are. Trying to become someone else, being perfect, or living up to other people's expectations is often what makes us stuck in life.

Sessions are offered in Oslo, Norway, and via Skype. For individuals and couples.


Schedule an initial session of 75 minutes at 50% off, to see if my method and our personal chemistry is conducive for what you seek.